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Welcome to Kerr Farms
RWA Ontario Angus Beef & Organic Ontario Vegetables

Kerr Farms leads a group of Ontario family farms who raise beef the traditional way and vegetables the organic way. We are working together to provide the local and regional marketplace with fresh and incredibly delicious food choices.

Our Ontario Angus Beef is raised the Traditional way, “Without the use of Added hormones, Antibiotics or Animal
by-products of any kind”, and “Raised With Animal welfare” as a central core. We refer to this as our “RWA” production protocol.

Our farms also grow organic tomatoes using our own organic compost.

Direct from our farms, we offer superior quality and health sustaining nutrition because…

the old-fashioned way tastes best!

Kerr Farms is a Certified Licensed Participant in the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program of the Canadian Angus Association.

Artisan Beef Farmers of Ontario

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